Diamond Series

Diamond series lasers

Applications:Industrial Manufacturing, Superhard Materials

The Diamond series solid state lasers are specially designed for cutting, drilling, etching and other precision machining needs of carbon and ultra-hard materials such as diamond, SiC, carbon fiber and so on. They solve the problem that traditional fibre lasers and solid state lasers are difficult to achieve an etching depth of more than 3mm on ultra-hard materials due to their low energy.

Diamond series lasers have high single pulse energy, which makes it able to etch and process deeper on super-hard materials, breaking through the limitations of traditional lasers that can only be processed to a certain depth and then can not continue to extend downwards. This greater processing capability makes it more efficient in processing ultra-hard materials.

In addition, Diamond series lasers also provide a variety of pulse width options, which provides a variety of possible process options for the processing of ultra-hard materials, and can be flexibly selected and adjusted according to different material characteristics and processing needs, further improving processing efficiency and quality.


ProductModelAverage Power (W)Single Pulse Energy (uJ)Repitition RatePulse Width (ns)ApplicationLearn more
range 15-20KHZ
~7ns@20KHZDiamond waistline marking,
electronic products marking
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MMEPU-355-10-HE-D30>10W@10kHz~1000uJ@10kHz10kHz-100kHZ<30ns@10kHzDiamond cutting – slicing and coring, Super hard materials cutting – PcBN,
PCD, SCD and CVD diamond, SiC, etc.
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                       532nmMMEPG-532-16-HE-D30>16W@10kHz~1600uJ@10kHz7kHz-100kHZ<30ns@10kHzDiamond slicing&coring
Diamond shape cutting(4 Processing for 4mm+ diamonds)
Carbon fiber cutting
Sic wafer dicing
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                      532nmMMEPG-532-16-HE-D70>16W@10kHz~1600uJ@10kHz7kHz-100kHZ>70ns@10kHzClick Here
                   1064nmMMEPG-1064-18-HE-D30>18W@10kHz~1800uJ@10kHz7kHz-100kHz<30ns@10kHzDrilling in brittle materials, Carbon material cutting, Laser trimmingClick Here
                1064nmMMEPG-1064-18-HE-D70>18W@10kHz~1800uJ@10kHz7kHz-100kHZ>70ns@10kHzClick Here
                1064nmMMD-YAG-1064-1>1W@12kHz~30uJ@12kHz~12kHz~12ns@12kHzGem planning
Diamond marking
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