Superior beam quality and peak power ensure to achieve clear and shallow marks on the diamond and minimize the damage to the diamond.


  • The laser power 1W;
  • Dual mode laser emission-parallel laser mode and focusing laser mode.
  • Superior beam quality, minimum laser spot <20um;
  • High-precision temperature control to ensure long-term stable operation of the laser;
  • Service life over 20000 hours.


  • Gem planning
  • Diamond marking


Model No. MMD-YAG-1064-1
Optical Characteristics
Wavelength (nm) 1064nm±1nm
Average Power (W) >1W@12kHz
Single Pulse Energy (uJ) ~30uJ@12kHz
Pulse Width (ns) ~12ns@12kHz
Repitition Rate ~12kHz
Pulse Stability <3% rms
Long Term Stability <±3%
Beam Characteristics
Polarization Ratio Random polarization
Beam Diameter ~0.8mm
Beam Circularity >90%
Spatial Mode TEM00, < 1.2
Operating Specifications
Warm-up Time <15 minutes from cold start
Electrical Requirement AC 220V/50Hz
Ambient Temperature 10-35℃,RH<80%
Storage Conditions -10-40℃,RH<90%
Physical Characteristics
Cooling System Air-Cooled