Cold light laser, cuts off molecular bonds to achieve lower processing heat, the cut surface is smoother with less damage; high power, high energy and narrow pulse width enable the laser to have higher peak power, endowing the laser with greater processing capacity and efficiency, so has more advantages in cutting superhard materials such as SiC and diamond; highly integrated laser with driver, Q driver and protection circuit, all-in-one machine structure is convenient for installation and maintenance; the resonant cavity self-cleaning system and stable cavity design solve the problem of power attenuation to achieve a ultra-long service life.


  • Single pulse energy > 1mj
  • Superior beam quality
  • Ultra-long service life and power stability
  • All-in-one machine mechanism, small size


  • Carbon fiber cutting
  • SiC wafer dicing
  • Diamond cutting – slicing and coring
  • Super hard material cutting – PcBN, PCD, SCD and CVD diamond, SiC, etc.



Model No. MMEPU-355-10-HE-D30
Optical Characteristics
Wavelength (nm) 355nm
Average Power (W) >10W@10kHz
Single Pulse Energy (uJ) ~1000uJ@10kHz
Pulse Width (ns) <30ns@10kHz
Repitition Rate 10kHz-100kHZ
Pulse Stability <3% rms
Long Term Stability <±3%
Beam Characteristics
Polarization Ratio Horizontal;>100:1
Beam Diameter ~1mm(at exit)
Beam Circularity >90%
Spatial Mode TEM00 , M²< 1.3
Operating Specifications
Warm-up Time <15 minutes from cold start
Electrical Requirement DC17.5V,350W
Ambient Temperature 10-35℃,RH<80%
Storage Conditions -10-40℃,RH<90%
Physical Characteristics
Cooling System Water-Cooled
Water Temperature (laser inlet) 25℃



Installation Guide
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