The high-energy ultraviolet laser, characterized by a wavelength of 355nm, features a single-pulse energy of 1.5mJ and a high peak power.

It efficiently cuts SiC and diamond wafers, directly severing the wafers and metal layers with high efficiency and a minimal edge breakage



  • The laser power is 18-30W;
  • Adopt UV-clean patented technology to solve power attenuation worry free used;
  • The service life exceeds 20000 hours, maintenance is free, and no need for regular commissioningor calibration;
  • Excellent beam quality M² < 1.3, simple process, and higher efficiency;
  • 3-layer protection, protection grade IP65, more suitable for harsh working environment;
  • Rugged, easy to install, and easy to integrate.


  • Sic, diamond wafer dicing
  • Drilling and cutting of wafers
  • Ceramic scribing and drilling
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Model No. MMEPU-355-15
Optical Characteristics
Wavelength (nm) 355nm
Average Power (W) >15W@10kHz
Single Pulse Energy (uJ) ~1500uJ@60kHz
Pulse Width (ns) 30ns@60kHz
Repetition Rate 10-20kHz
Pulse Stability <3%rms
Long Term Stability <±3%
Beam Characteristics
Polarization Ratio Horizontal;>100:1
Beam Diameter 〜1mm(at exit)
Beam Circularity >90%
Spatial Mode TEM00, M² <1.3
Operating Specifications
Warm-up Time <15 minutes from cold start
Electrical Requirement DC17.5V,350W
Ambient Temperature 10-35℃,RH<80%
Storage Conditions -10-40℃,RH<90%
Physical Characteristics
Cooling System Water-Cooled
Water Temperature (laser inlet) 25℃