The repetition rate 20-30kHz, the pulse width maintains at 6-8ns, lower processing heat, higher peak power, better processing capacity.


  • The laser power 5W;
  • Narrow pulse width, low thermal effect of processing, not easy to cause scorch on the plastic surface;
  • High peak power, strong processing ability, capable of processing more materials;
  • Air-cooled structure, compact laser head, compatible with the optical path of fiber laser;
  • Service life > 20000 hours


  • Packaging films marking
  • Gold-plated surface blackening treatment
  • Metallic materials marking
  • 3C product surface marking
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Model No. MMEPGF-532-5L
Optical Characteristics
Wavelength (nm) 532nm±1nm
Average Power (W) 5±0.5W@20kHz
Single Pulse Energy (uJ) 200-250uJ@20kHz
Pulse Width (ns) ~7ns@20kHz
Repitition Rate Uncontrollable, range 20-30kHz
Pulse Stability <3% rms
Long Term Stability <±3%
Beam Characteristics
Polarization Ratio linear; >100:1
Beam Diameter 6mm
Beam Circularity >90%
Spatial Mode TEM00, M2<1.3
Operating Specifications
Warm-up Time <15 minutes from cold start
Electrical Requirement DC12V >200W
Ambient Temperature 10-35℃,RH<80%
Storage Conditions -10-40℃,RH<90%
Physical Characteristics
Cooling System Air-Cooled