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Maiman Laser focuses on the application of industrial laser micromachining. In terms of processing methods that include laser marking, laser engraving, laser cutting, laser drilling, laser cleaning and 3D printing, Maiman Laser can help you more easily achieve laser processing requirements, improve production processes, and achieve high throughput; in terms of processing materials that include wafers, ceramics, diamonds, carbon fibers, silicon carbide, metals, plastics, whether it is cutting, marking or drilling, Maiman helps you optimize equipment structure and processing methods, and import processing parameters to achieve worry-free and efficient production.

Here are some of our application areas:

● PCB/FPC Efficiently Cutting

● Silicon Carbide Wafer Scribing

● Silicon Wafer Two-Dimensional Code Marking for Later Thinning

● Diamond Slicing

● Diamond Girdle Marker

● Carbon Fiber Cutting

● Laser Drilling of Molybdenum Metal Material

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