Elite Series

Elite series lasers

Applications: Industrial Manufacturing, Semiconductors

Maiman lasers have a proven track record in semiconductor processing. They offer excellent power stability for long term operation and excellent beam quality for efficient and accurate focusing of the laser beam on the target material, resulting in higher processing accuracy and efficiency. In addition, our lasers also have high single pulse energy, which can produce higher energy density in a short period of time, thus better handling hard materials such as silicon carbide. These advantages have enabled our lasers to be widely used in scribing, drilling and cutting silicon carbide wafers, effectively solving the challenges of processing difficult silicon carbide materials and providing customers with more efficient and accurate processing solutions.


ProductModelsAverage Power (W)Single Pulse Energy (uJ)Repitition RatePulse Width (ns)ApplicationsLearn More



MMEPU-355-18>18W@50kHz~350uJ@50kHz50kHz-500kHz12ns@50kHzSolar Cell Scribing,PCB&FPC Slitting & Cutting,Silicon Wafer Scribing, Thin Film Cutting.Click Here


MMEPG-532-30>30W@60kHz~500uJ@60kHz50kHz-500kHz20ns@60kHzWafer annealing,Silicon Wafer Scribing, Wafer drilling and dicingClick Here