Development History

Tianjin Maiman Laser Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established.


Created a commercialized technical solution based on passive Q-switched laser technology internationally, and launched the 1064nm fiber end-pumped laser firstly in China, breaking the pattern that it is difficult for solid-state lasers to compete with fiber lasers. This product has laid a foundation for the rapid development of Maiman;
More than 160 sets of lasers were sold.

Maiman's first 20W-class 1064nm active Q-switched end-pumped laser entered the market to meet the processing needs of light-transmitting products in the fields of automobiles and consumer electronics.


Maiman entered the diamond processing industry and participated in the Munich Optoelectronics Exhibition in India for the first time, showing the 1064nm diamond planning laser;
Launched the series of high-power 532nm active Q-switched green lasers and fiber type green lasers;
Started the R&D of UV lasers to create a new technical route and product route;
The cumulative delivery quantity of lasers exceeded 5000 sets.

Won the honorary title of Tianjin Key New Product;
The cumulative delivery quantity of lasers exceeded 10,000 sets.


Won the title of National High-tech Enterprise and Tianjin High-tech Enterprise.

Launched the UV laser with completely independent property rights and independent design in October after four and a half years of R&D, which became a milestone event for Maiman, created a new technical route, and solved the key technical problems perfectly such as laser power attenuation and low power;
Signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Sanquan Foods to become the designated laser supplier;
UV lasers entered the purchase lists of Master Kong and Mengniu.


Launched 27W UV laser products, the highest power level in China;
Won the title of Tianjin Gazelle Enterprise.

Completed Series A financing;
The cumulative quantity of laser products delivered reached 26,000 sets.