Automotive & Aerospace

Automotive and Aerospace

In the field of automobiles and aerospace, solid laser plays an important role in component marking, button paint striping marking, cable paint striping, laser cleaning, etc. Maiman Laser has launched a number of laser sources with 355nm, 532nm, 1064nm and other wavelengths in different power options to meet the automatic production needs of the automotive and aviation industries.

In terms of material marking, such as pipe/wire type plastic parts, automotive glass, ceramic parts (such as pistons, cylinder bands, cylinder heads, supercharged rotor, etc.), metal parts, etc, Maiman laser marking has high precision, high contrast, no burning and low cost, so it is gradually replacing fibre laser as the first choice for industry customers

When marking metal parts,  especially highly reflective metal materials, the power of a laser beam plays a vital role in the laser marking process and it requires a high-power laser to effectively do the marking. On the other hand, during laser processing of highly- reflective materials, the laser beam reflected in the process can easily damage the machine itself. Maiman solid-state laser not only can easily achieve high reflective metals precision marking and alumina black marking with lower heat and higher peak power, but also because of its anti-reflection function, it can efficiently deal with gold, silver, copper etc. other high reflective materials.

Car Button Paint Stripping

In the car button paint stripping process, a transparent car button has at least 2 levels of paint and each layer of paint is only a few millimetres thick and thus requires precise control of the laser to peel off the surface black colour and expose the blue or red colour below it while not damaging the below paint and making sure the edges of the marking are neat and its colours bright. This brings about a very high requirement for the laser, not only does it require the laser to adjust parameters such as power, frequency, and pulse width (most lasers cannot adjust the pulse width), but also requires extremely high power stability and pulse stability (all less than 3%) and an extremely superior beam quality (M² <1.3). The Maiman active Q-Switched series end-pumped laser can meet the above requirements, and the processing range includes different colours and thicknesses of paint.

Copper Thread/Cable Paint Stripping

The ideal paint removal effect requires that the insulating layer is completely removed, and the below base material should have no thinning after removal, and the smaller the roughness the better. Traditional paint stripping methods such as paint strippers, lye paint strippers, flame paint strippers, mechanical paint strippers, etc. are not clean and the peeling is unstable which affects the electrical properties of the motor stator. Laser paint removal is the use of laser irradiation to make the surface paint layer absorb energy lattice vibrations for stripping. There are no consumables and only electricity is needed which is more environmentally friendly and convenient, so it has become the first choice for paint stripping processing.

Laser Cleaning – Laser Rust Removal / Laser Paint Removal / Laser Degreasing

Metal and non-metal parts often cannot be used normally due to the presence of rust, paint and oil stains during production and storage which affect their performance. Laser cleaning technology such as laser rust removal, laser paint removal, laser degreasing, etc. are non-contact treatment methods and have the advantages of rollability compared with traditional industrial cleaning methods and provide below benefits:

It does not damage the base material, is not limited by the size and shape of the components, does not harm the human body and the environment due to chemical reagents and is highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

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