Customer Support

Provide customers with better process testing and sales services

Based on the global market and adhering to the service concept of "professional, timely, efficient and high-quality", Maiman Laser has established a number of professional and efficient service teams in domestic and overseas markets, like Tianjin(China Headquarter), Shenzhen(China), Suzhou(China), New Delhi(India), Mumbai(India), Surat(India), Izmit (Turkey), so as to provide customers with better process testing, sales service, after-sales support and other related services.

We are committed to delivering dedicated service 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring swift analysis and resolution of customer issues. Through regular theoretical and hands-on training, we empower our customers with the skills to troubleshoot and address basic product failures efficiently, meeting user needs promptly. Concurrently, our focus is on enhancing our global service infrastructure, optimizing regional coverage, increasing service capacity, and establishing a comprehensive global service system through collaboration with local dealers and our independent service site expansion.

Professional product and technical consulting

Maiman Laser application engineers have an average of more than 5 years of practical experience, which can give the best laser optimal selection and solution in the shortest time according to the customer's processing requirements.

Free sample test

We support the service of free sample testing for customers. According to different customers’ demands, we will provide videos/photos/samples of laser processing effects for customers approval free of charge, so that customers can make correct decisions.

Free demo service

For new customers interested in Maiman Lasers, we offer the opportunity for a free demo to test our products. Additionally, we are proud to make the following commitments:
If our lasers do not meet your satisfaction within 1 month, you can return them for free.
We guarantee free returns for any power attenuation issues within 3 months.

Training service

We provide both online and offline training service. If our customers still have any questions about how to use the product, we have a professional service team to answer any of their questions. Through regular theoretical and practical training services, customers can master the ability to troubleshoot, and quickly meet the needs of users.


While Maiman Laser's products are inherently maintenance-free, thanks to their all-in-one structure and the mitigation of power attenuation, our service team remains available around the clock to promptly address any maintenance-related inquiries or concerns our customers may have.

Repair and return service

We understand that, although rare, unforeseen issues can occasionally occur. In the event of any operational problems, please reach out to our service team promptly for troubleshooting assistance. For lasers that require return to Maiman Laser's factory for repair, we kindly request you to contact our service team to confirm the details before returning the laser. It allows us to expedite the repair service and minimize any downtime.