A series 1064nm active Q-switched lasers for the application of transparent product marking


Marking transparent products is one of the most difficult applications in the laser industry. Some domestic companies have become well-known large enterprises just because they have mastered this application. This technology has been transferred from the automobile industry to the 3C industry and have already begun to be used on electronic products such as transparent keyboards, electric toothbrushes, routers and will be more widely used in the future.

Where is the difficulty of transparent products?

As shown in the picture, the product has at least 2 layers of paint, and the thickness of each layer of paint is only a few microns. It is necessary to control the laser to peel off the black paint on the surface and expose the red paint and blue paint below. The paint layer below cannot be damaged, and the edges should be neat and the colors vibrant. This has very high requirements on the laser, not only requiring the laser to be able to adjust parameters such as power, frequency and pulse width (most lasers cannot adjust the pulse width), but also requiring extremely high power stability, pulse stability (both less than 3%) and extremely superior beam quality (<1.3).


Which lasers are used to mark transparent products?

The active Q-switched end-pump laser is the most suitable with a wide processing range and can process different colors of paint layers and thicknesses; whereas the MOPA fiber laser has a narrow processing range and is only suitable for black paint layers.


Application Cases of Maiman A Series 1064nm Q-switched Lasers in Transparent Products


  • Ultra high pulse stability and power stability
  • Superior beam quality
  • Arbitrarily switch between pulse and continuous working modes
  • Works with manymaterials, a variety of colors can be marked