The Definitive Solution to Your Diamond Planning Challenge

The gemstone processing sector has long depended on manual labour or traditional equipment, which often proves inefficient and risks damaging diamonds. However, Maiman’s DIAMOND series of compact infrared lasers has revolutionised this approach.
These lasers offer unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in diamond planning. By using precise laser cutting, they reduce diamond waste and boost productivity. A standout feature of this intelligent solution is its ability to calculate the optimal number of diamonds to cut from rough stones of varying shapes and sizes.
Let’s first consider the laser’s capabilities. Its advanced temperature control technology ensures consistent performance even during extended use. Its high-quality beam and peak power produce clear, shallow marks on diamonds, reducing potential damage. With a minimum spot size of just 20μm, the laser can focus more precisely on the diamond, allowing for finer cuts.
A key feature of Maiman’s DIAMOND series is its versatile light emission mode design. The device offers parallel light output and direct focus modes, catering to different cutting machine requirements. Whether dealing with large or small rough diamonds, this laser is up to the task.
Additionally, this laser boasts a compact, portable design. Easy to hold with one hand, it’s perfect for use in jewellery stores or workshops. With a lifespan exceeding 20,000 hours, frequent equipment replacements become a thing of the past, saving time and money.
Another notable advantage of Maiman’s DIAMOND series is its operational flexibility. Suitable for various settings and applications, from jewellery manufacturing and gem cutting to collectable crafting, it delivers consistently high performance. By adjusting the laser beam’s intensity and position, we can effortlessly cut diamonds of different shapes and sizes, enhancing production efficiency and accuracy.
In summary, Maiman’s DIAMOND series of compact infrared lasers has transformed diamond planning with its outstanding performance and versatility. Not only does it reduce diamond waste and increase efficiency, but it also minimises the risk of damage. This product will become an essential tool in the jewellery industry and beyond.
We eagerly anticipate Maiman’s DIAMOND series of compact infrared lasers providing even greater convenience and value to users in the future. Let’s embrace this technological innovation and usher in a new diamond-cutting era.