PCB Board Marking


Revolutionizing PCB Manufacturing with QR Codes and Automation

PCB factories often use QR codes on circuit boards to track production. Automation enables automatic QR code marking during production, especially in laser marking.

Distinguishing itself markedly from traditional counterparts, the PCB QR code laser marking stands out for its capacity to execute automatic handling, precise positioning, and QR code marking. The engine achieves an unprecedented level of precision through customizable features. It utilizes UV laser sources, enabling the accurate engraving of QR codes as small as 1.0×1.0mm on PCB/FPC circuit boards. This cutting-edge technology ensures precision and upholds eco-friendly principles by employing a contactless marking approach, eliminating the need for consumables and reducing pollution.



laser marking

 Redefined Efficiency of Laser Marking: One-Stop Coding with Automatic Flip Boards

An additional feature comes into play for applications requiring double-sided PCB printing—a fully automated flip board that streamlines the coding process into a comprehensive, one-stop solution. This innovative feature is a testament to automation’s adaptability and efficiency in PCB manufacturing.

The circuit board QR code laser marking further solidifies its position as a game-changer by incorporating a dynamic moving working platform. This design choice enhances precision and stability in contrast to traditional laser head moving modes. Moreover, the machine can seamlessly integrate with conveying lines, facilitating a streamlined and efficient production line that significantly reduces the need for manual intervention.

In the landscape of product information management, the circuit board QR code laser marking takes centre stage by automatically generating QR codes for crucial details. These details encompass a spectrum of information, including but not limited to raw material procurement, production processes, batch specifics, manufacturer details, production dates, and product destinations. The machine then adeptly engraves this information onto the surface of the circuit board, ushering in a new era of meticulous and automated product management.

The marriage of QR codes, automation, and laser marking technology in PCB manufacturing exemplifies a transformative leap forward. It not only streamlines production processes but also enhances precision, sustainability, and the overall efficacy of product management in the dynamic landscape of electronics manufacturing.